Artificial Grass Brush and Clean

At Premier Sports Surfaces we offer a range of services to help maintain your artificial grass court from mechanical brushing to complete decompaction and redistribution of infill. Artificial grass tennis courts provide a number of key advantages over traditional grass surfaces. Artificial courts offer a much more hardwearing surface without the need for regular replanting of grass seed. They can also offer more predictable playing attributes as they are not subject to the inevitable variations you will experience with traditional grass. Finally, artificial grass requires substantially less maintenance than real grass. However, it is important that artificial grass courts are still regularly maintained to ensure they retain their play qualities and can be enjoyed year after year.

The main reason that regular maintenance is required on artificial courts is down to the uneven concentration of play across the courts. Due to the nature of the sport, there is a significant increase in activity on certain sections of the court (typically near the baselines). These areas of increased activity can lead to the surface becoming compacted as well as an uneven distribution of infill where the underlying sand is pushed out under continued pressure. Once a surface has compacted it can cause anomalies in play characteristics including how a ball bounces. A compacted artificial grass surface may also be unable to drain properly causing waterlogging during periods of adverse weather.

Our range of maintenance services for Artificial grass tennis courts range from mechanical brushing to complete decompaction and redistribution of infill. Our mechanical brushing services help to effectively remove dirt and debris than can build up on an artificial grass court. By choosing our mechanical brush cleaning services you can help to keep your court clear of debris which can adversely affect bounce and other playing characteristics.

Whilst our mechanical tennis court brushing service will help to eliminate a large amount of dirt, debris and other anomalies, we recommend periodic decompaction of the surface to ensure it retains its play qualities and keeps looking good year after year. In addition, decompaction of your court will help to restore its original drainage qualities to help prevent waterlogging and a loss of grip during inclement weather.

As part of our artificial grass decompaction service we can undertake redistribution of infill. The (typically sand) infill used on artificial grass tennis courts can, over time, become unevenly distributed which affects play characteristics and grip. Redistribution of infill restores the original characteristics of your court.

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