Colour Spray Coating

If you have a macadam tennis court or sports surface then regular spraying is essential. Asides from keeping the surface looking good, spray coating your court will help extend its life and maintain its playing attributes. At Premier Sports Surfaces we offer a range of Colour Spray coating options for your Tennis Court or MUGA.

Colour Spray Coating as part of regular court maintenance can help limit the amount of remedial work that a court requires after extensive use. If the court is in good condition then a lighter, water –based coating can be used. This acrylic–based paint is suitable for most courts and macadam surfaces (including Type 1 & 2 MUGAs) and is available in a range of colours to suit your preference and the primary use of the surface.

If your Tennis Court surface has seen significant, extended use or has deteriorated through age then, at Premier Sports Surfaces, we can offer a coating solution. We offer an alternative Colour Spray Coating to restore both the appearance and playing attributes of surfaces that are showing advanced signs of age, neglect or extensive use. In these instances we use a coating of surface binders and a textured, polyurethane paint to help restore your tennis court or MUGA surface to its former glory.

In addition to restoring both the look and playing dynamics of your court surface, colour spray coating will help to revive the non–slip attributes that a tennis court can lose over time meaning you can play with increased safety and confidence. As well as offering traditional spray coatings for macadam tennis courts, we can also paint, modify or repaint your court lines and markings. Asides from giving your tennis court a fresh look, we can also add or remove markings allowing you to change the primary sport or use of your surface.

At Premier Sports Surfaces we offer a wide range of Tennis court maintenance services including colour spray coating, mechanical cleaning and brushing and high pressure cleaning with water. So whether you have an artificial grass or macadam court or a Multi–Use Games Area (MUGA) then we can provide the maintenance services to suit you. If you any questions about Colour Spray Coating or any of our court maintenance service then please don’t hesitate to call or email or enquire using the form below.


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