Court Resurfacing

There are a number of reasons why a tennis court may need resurfacing. Naturally a court will deteriorate over time which may lead to resurfacing being required. Alternatively it may be that an alternative surface type is desired (changing from a hard, macadam court to an artificial grass one for example). Regular maintenance of the court’s surface will help to slow the deterioration process but any surface, particularly one in regular use, will have a natural lifespan, after which it will require resurfacing to maintain its play characteristics. If a court has been neglected (typically where a private court has remained un-used for a number of years) natural deterioration and the requirement for resurfacing can occur much sooner.

A tennis court can make a valuable addition to your home in terms of both convenience (for training etc.) and also in adding value to the property when you come to sell. A court that is in disrepair, however, may be seen as a liability or additional cost/hassle to a potential buyer and can actually reduce the property’s overall value. For this reason it is important that, in addition to routine court maintenance, resurfacing takes place after the natural lifespan of your courts surface. Scheduled court resurfacing will also help ensure that your court continues to look good an in-keeping with the rest of your property whether that be a private residence, commercial building, sports club or school.

Whether you are looking to change the surface of your court or replaced a worn or damage surface, at Premier Sports Surfaces we offer court resurfacing services for all popular court types. Contact us today to find out how we can help with the maintenance and resurfacing of your tennis court.

Hard Court Resurfacing

Over time a hard (macadam) surface will start to deteriorate causing inconsistencies in play and an increased risk of injury to players. Regular maintenance of macadam-type court surfaces can help to slow the rate of deterioration but the majority of court surfaces will still have a finite life-span after which resurfacing is required. There are a number of ways in which to identify whether your macadam court requires resurfacing. You may begin to notice some irregularities in bounce where parts of the surface have become raised or have begun to ‘fret’. You may also start noticing loose stones and debris on the court where the surface has deteriorated or noticeable inconsistencies or undulations in the court markings. A combination of a loose playing surface and raised/sunken areas hugely increases the risk of player injury through slips and sprains.

The resurfacing of hard, macadam tennis courts can often be carried out without the need to remove the existing surface. Providing the deterioration of the court does not exceed certain tolerances a new macadam layer can be laid over the top of the existing court surface. This will restore playing characteristics, increase levels of grip and improve the look for your macadam court without the lengthy (and costly) process of removing the original court surface. In instances where a court has been neglected for a number of years or has been damaged by extended or improper use we may undertake a double-layer resurfacing. Double-layer resurfacing, as the name would suggest, is a two-stage resurfacing process designed for damaged courts or those showing advanced deterioration. Contact Us today to find out how Premier Sports Surfaces can assist with resurfacing or restoration of your hard macadam court surface.

Artificial Grass Resurfacing

At Premier Sports Surfaces we specialise in the installation of top quality artificial grass tennis courts. By using top-quality materials in our artificial grass surfaces, we ensure the maximum life span of your court’s surface. The life span of any artificial court surface can be extended through regular maintenance and you can find more information about routine and one-off maintenance at our dedicated Tennis Court Maintenance section.  Even with regular maintenance a court will suffer from deterioration over time and, typically every 10-15 years (depending on usage levels), an artificial grass court will need to be resurfaced. Over time an artificial surface will become compacted which will affect play characteristics, reduce grip and cause a loss of efficiency in drainage. Failing to resurface a court which is suffering from the above symptoms can cause irregularities in play and increase the risk of player injury.

Providing the base layer is solid with minimal undulations or areas of damage, it is possible to replace only to top, synthetic grass layer. Premier Sports Surfaces have the experience to advise on the replacement and resurfacing of your artificial grass tennis court. If you are looking to upgrade your exiting hard, macadam court to one of our quality artificial surfaces then get in touch to discuss your requirements. Contact us today to find out more and to get a free, no obligation quotation, for the resurfacing of your synthetic tennis court.

Artificial Clay Resurfacing

Artificial clay surfaces offer a low-maintenance and cost-efficient alternative to genuine clay courts. A traditional clay court requires extensive and costly maintenance and their use is limited by season. If you are looking to upgrade your current court to an artificial clay surface, with 25 years experience, Premier Sports Surfaces are the first choice to advise and carry out the resurfacing of your domestic or commercial court.

Whilst artificial clay courts are more durable and require less maintenance than traditional clay they will still suffer some natural deterioration over time. Deterioration (leading to resurfacing) is affected by the amount of use the court receives and also the regularity of maintenance. A court which receives heavy use or one that is neglected is liable to deteriorate more quickly and require resurfacing sooner. You can find out more about how to care for your artificial clay court and about the various types of maintenance service available from our Court Maintenance pages.

An artificial clay court which has been poorly maintained or has deteriorated through heavy use may fail to drain effectively, demonstrate inconsistent playing attributes and irregular bounce and may suffer from reduced grip (leading to increased risk of player injury). Through resurfacing you will reduce risk of injury and improve the overall look of your artificial clay court. Get in touch with Premier Sports Surfaces today to find out how we can assist with your resurfacing project and, whether you are looking to change or repair your surface, receive a quotation with no obligation.

Maintenance Services

Sometimes, a court that is in poor condition can be revived without the need for complete resurfacing. Often the appearance and playing attributes of a courts surface can be restored through a number of one-off or routine maintenance proceedures. At Premier Sports Surfaces we offer a wide range of effective maintenance services to help prolong the life or your court’s surface. For hard, macadam courts we offer colour spray coating which helps to restore the surface’s playing attributes as well as giving it a fresh look. For artificial grass courts we can undertake a mechanical brushing which redistributes infill and removes loose debris from the surface. We also undertake one-off or regular pressure cleaning of the surface with water. These services are designed to help the court to maintain its appearance, restore playing speed, bounce regularity and grip, restore drainage characteristics and help extend the life of your playing surface. You can find out more about our range of services at our dedicated Tennis Court Maintenance Services page.

Areas Covered

With over 25 years experience in the design, construction and maintenance of tennis courts, Premier Sports Surfaces are the ideal choice for undertaking your court resurfacing project. Based in Essex and covering a large amount of the UK we have a diverse portfolio of projects from across the UK and Europe. Our court resurfacing services cover Essex, Kent, Sussex, Surrey, London, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Suffolk and Norfolk. We can also offer design, build and resurfacing services across Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire. If you would like to discuss your project or to get a quote to resurface your tennis court then please don’t hesitate to contact us today to find out more. If your court does not yet require resurfacing then you can also find out more about our Tennis Court Maintenance Services.


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