Pressure Cleaning with Water

Pressure cleaning is the most common type of court maintenance work we undertake. Tennis court cleaning using high pressure water is a great way to improve the look, play and life expectancy of your court whether it is at a sports club, a school or your home. Tennis court pressure cleaning can be undertaken as a one off or included as part of your regular tennis court maintenance.

Asides from improving your courts appearance, the main purpose of pressure cleaning is to remove algae, moss and other debris from the court’s surface. This type of cleaning has a number of key advantages:

A build-up of algae and moss on the playing surface can lead to it becoming slippery. Removing algae and moss (as well as other debris) through pressure cleaning can help to restore the original non slip properties of the surface. This allows you to play more freely without the associated safety concerns.

Pressure cleaning of tennis courts can also help restore and improve the original playing characteristics of the courts surface. Over time, grit, debris and moss can build up and alter the playing characteristics leading to a reduction in the speed of play as well as anomalies in ball behaviour. By removing foreign matter from the surface by pressure cleaning the court, these anomalies can be reduced and speed of play restored.

One of the most obvious effects of pressure cleaning is the immediate improvement in the aesthetic appearance of the court. Naturally, if you have a tennis court at your home you will want to ensure that, through correct court maintenance, that it continues to look good year after year. If you run a sports club or commercial enterprise then it is imperative that courts remain attractive to encourage new members and new business which, in turn, generates revenue. By the use of high pressure cleaning, courts may attract more, and new, users and increase use of the facilities.

The removal of algae and moss from the courts surface through pressure cleaning is more than purely cosmetic. Unwanted growth can clog the pores of the surface which are incorporated to provide efficient drainage during periods of wet weather. An excessive build-up of algae and moss can lead to a large increase in surface water which, not only makes the court unplayable, but can ultimately lead to a much increased rate of surface deterioration.

Pressure washing is essential maintenance for tennis courts and, here at Premier Sports Surfaces, we pride ourselves on the quality of service and of the equipment used. If you want to find out more about high pressure court cleaning with or would like to get a free, no obligation, quote for cleaning your court then please get in touch using the details or form below.


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