Every tennis court and sports surface requires regular maintenance to ensure the surface remains in good condition extending its future life. Subsequently future costs for refurbishment are kept to a minimum. We have a range of maintenance packages to choose from using our state of the art equipment depending on the surface type. We are committed to providing our clients with professional advice and suitable recommendations, prior to conducting maintenance visits, our team will be able to discuss the packages we offer with you to help you determine which option is most suitable. After completion of each maintenance visit, clients will receive a full report of the condition of their court and any additional works we would recommend.


Colour Spray Coating

Periodic spraying of macadam courts helps to maintain the physical and playing attributes of the surface as well as keeping your tennis court looking fresh year-on-year. At Premier Sports Surfaces we offer a range of spray coating products suitable for the majority of macadam courts.

For courts that are regularly maintained and in good condition we spray textured acrylic (water-based) paint. This is suitable for most courts and macadam based sports surfaces (including Type 1 and 2 MUGA, Multi Use Games Areas). With Tennis court maintenance from Premier Sports Surfaces you can choose from a large range of standard and exclusive court surface colours.

At Premier Sports Surfaces we can also offer colour spray coatings for Tennis courts and MUGAs where the surface has aged or been used intensively. In these instances, a spray coating of textured polyurethane paint and surface binders is applied. This will help to strengthen a worn or aging surface and help restore its original look and playing attributes. Both these court spray coating techniques will help restore the non-slip attributes of your tennis court or MUGA playing surface.

In addition to routine maintenance of macadam playing surfaces, at Premier Sports Surfaces, we can also help you to change the look and function of your surface. You can choose a new colour from our extensive range and have sports lines painted or repainted for either maintenance or to change the purpose of MUGAs.


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Artificial grass Mechanical Brush/Clean

At Premier Sports Surfaces we offer a range of maintenance options for your artificial grass Tennis courts and surfaces. Whilst artificial grass provides a low-maintenance alternative to traditional grass courts, it still requires regular maintenance to ensure it remains in good condition and retains the correct playing attributes.

Our services for the maintenance of artificial grass courts and services range from mechanical brushing and maintenance to complete de-compaction and redistribution of infill. Brushing artificial grass regularly is the best way to effectively remove dirt and debris from the surface. At Premier Sports Surfaces we can offer regular or one-off court brushing.

Regular brushing will help keep your artificial grass court free of common dirt and debris. However, to completely remove finer particles such as dust and silica, complete de-compaction of the surface is required. De-compaction of your artificial or synthetic grass tennis court will help in maintaining the surfaces playing characteristics. In addition, de-compaction will help to ensure your surface retains its’ drainage qualities and helps prevent waterlogging in adverse weather conditions.

As artificial grass courts are typically sand-filled, over time this sand can become unevenly distributed effecting the bounce and playing characteristics of the surface. We offer a number of surfaces to check the surface and redistribute the in-fill to restore condition and play characteristics of your artificial-grass court.


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Pressure Cleaning with water

Our Tennis Court pressure cleaning services help to restore the playing surface of your court. Over time a court surface can become plagued with moss, lichen and algae. This doesn’t only make the court look untidy but can have a substantial impact on the performance, drainage and safety of your court.

Pressure cleaning helps to remove the moss that can build-up over a relatively short period (particularly during the ‘close season’ months where the court is exposed to the elements but sees little use). Moss can adversely affect the playing characteristics of your court and cause abnormal and inconsistent ball behaviour.

Moss and algae on the surface of your tennis court can significantly impact the way in which the surface is able to drain. If a porous surface becomes clogged then the drainage qualities that these surfaces are chosen for can be significantly reduced. This can then cause patches of the surface to perform inconsistently, water logging and surface water which can also post a safety risk.

Without regular maintenance, a build-up of moss or algae on a tennis court surface can cause a safety or injury risk. The court can become slippery either in localised patches or overall. Our expert team use, high-end, specialist equipment to effectively remove moss, lichen and algae from porous court surfaces. Correct maintenance of your court will, not only make play more consistent, it will improve appearance and has the potential to extend the life span of your court by up to 10 years.


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