We offer a wide range of surfaces to suit every client and sports requirement.  We are a TigerTurf tennis partner with exclusive areas. We also supply and install many different surfaces from all of the top manufacturers across the UK and Europe.  We understand that choosing the best surface is often daunting. Our knowledge is so extensive we can explain in detail the differences between every surface on the market. Please call us for free, no obligation advice.

Hard Courts

The smooth, low texture finish and consistent playing performance of Ultisport Tennis which is quicker draining than conventional asphalts makes it the first choice for outdoor tennis courts. Our hard courts are constructed using 6mm surface course and 10mm or 14mm binder courses. Our asphalts utilise specially selected aggregates. The playing characteristics are further enhanced by our range of slip resistant colour coatings. Our paint coatings not only enhance the appearance but impart durability also giving the necessary slip resistancy complying with all current standards in SAPCA code of practice and LTA requirements for tennis.

Artificial Grass

Artificial grass (also known as a ‘carpet’ or ‘synthetic grass’) is a little bit of a mine field because many companies offer low quality grasses at a premium price. Our Managing Director, John Pearce, has played on virtually every grass available in Europe and can explain in detail the differences between every grass available. We specifically supply products that have optimal drainage qualities, have minimal impact to muscles and joints and also reduced degradation ensuring years of free draining play. Monofilament is better than fibrillated in most applications. We supply grasses from the finest manufacturers in the UK and Europe. Tiger Turf / Desso / Lano / Playrite are just a few. 

Artificial Clay

Artificial Clay provides a practical alternative to traditional clay tennis court surfaces. These artificial surfaces give the appearance of a traditional clay court without the associated drawbacks.

Genuine clay courts are impractical for many users as their use is seasonal. Artificial clay allows year-round use and therefore is ideal for domestic applications where training and play may not conform to the tennis season. Another reason to use artificial clay over and above traditional clay is the ease of maintenance. A traditional clay tennis court will need to have reconstruction work undertaken annually in the spring, this is often at great expense and inconvenience to the owner. This is not the case with an artificial clay surface, although a certain level of maintenance is still required. With an artificial clay surface there is no need for expensive irrigation systems either further improving ease-of-maintenance.

Our artificial clay tennis court surfaces accurately recreate the playing characteristics of real clay. We supply and install surfaces from Tiger Turf, Lano, Playrite, Claytech and Euroclay. Enquire today about the installation of artificial clay tennis courts.


Proflex is an impervious acrylic surface offering superb playing qualities and consistency. There is a version of Proflex for each ITF Court Pace class. It is suitable for use in conventional and wheelchair tennis playing. The system comprises of cushioned layers varying in thickness from 1mm-3mm. 


Poraflex is a high performance water permeable cushioned acrylic surface. This patented system comprises a high quality 6mm* rubber mat and specially formulated spray coatings resulting in a surface that has optimum cushioning with the added advantage of porosity. The surface is extremely useful in rainy climates where traditional impervious acrylic courts will retain water on the surface and make play impractical during times of wet weather. *Varying thicknesses of cushioning mat can be supplied on request. Because Poraflex is free draining, there is no water retention therefore the courts use throughout the year can be greatly extended. As well as being extremely durable and resistant to wear, the cushioning effect will remain constant throughout seasonal temperature variations and over many years of use. As the cushioning mat is prefabricated to a uniform thickness, a true ball bounce on all areas of the court will apply.                                                              



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