Tennis Courts for Councils and Local Authorities

If you are a local authority or council looking to get tennis courts installed then Premier Sports Surfaces can help with your project. Premier Sports Surfaces can manage your project from the initial design stage through the planning and installation. We have over 25 years experience in the installation of top quality tennis courts and sports surfaces and are the perfect choice to undertake your local project.

We supply and install hard (macadam) courts, artificial grass, artificial clay, Proflex, Poraflex and other synthetic court surfaces which are hard wearing yet replicate the playing characteristics of ‘traditional’ surfaces. Premier Sports Surfaces are also pleased to offer MUGA (Multi-Use Games Areas) surfaces types 1-5. A MUGA allows a number of sports to be played on single, durable surface. These versatile sports courts are a great opportunity for councils and local authorities to offer a range of sports facilities at a single location.

Once a new tennis court or sports surface has been installed, it is important to undertake regular maintenance to ensure the maximum lifespan of your surface. At Premier Sports Surfaces we offer an extensive range of tennis court maintenance services for all major surface types. For macadam-type surfaces we offer a spray paint coating to help restore the surface’s drainage qualities at to give it a fresh look. We can also repaint sports lines and court markings or even alter the markings on MUGAs to change the primary sport. Artificial grass courts can be manually brushed to redistribute infill or decompacted to restore playing attributes. We can also undertake high pressure cleaning with water to remove debris and restore grip and bounce.

Regular maintenance will maximise the life expectancy of a court’s surface. All surfaces will, however, experience some deterioration over time and will eventually require resurfacing. When the time comes to resurface your tennis courts, Premier Sports Surfaces offer court resurfacing for all major court surfaces. A large proportion of resurfacing work can be undertaken without the need to remove the existing court surface (with both time and financial benefits).

Contact Premier Sports Surfaces today to find out how we can assist with the design, planning, construction, maintenance or resurfacing of your council or local authority tennis court.


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