Tennis Courts for Schools and Colleges

Tennis courts make a valuable addition to your school or college’s sports facilities. Following Britain’s recent successes in high-profile tennis competitions the number of children and young adults looking to take up tennis has seen a sharp increase. If you are looking to introduce tennis to your school then Premier Sports Surfaces can make your tennis court become a reality. Our expert team can help manage your court project from initial conception to design and installation, contact us today to find out more and to get a no-obligation quote for the building of a tennis court at your school or college.

Choosing the right tennis court surface for your school or college is an important consideration when getting a new court designed and installed. At Premier Sports Surfaces we supply all major court surfaces and only use top quality materials to ensure your courts lifespan is maximised. Hard (macadam) tennis courts provides schools and colleges with a durable surface with reliable grip and bounce characteristics which can be used all year around. We also supply artificial grass and artificial clay courts which require substantially less maintenance than their traditional equivalents.

In addition to traditional tennis courts, Premier Sports Surfaces will design and install a Multi-Use Game Area (MUGA) at your school or college. These versatile games courts allow a number of different sports to be played on a single, durable surface. Premier Sports Surfaces supply and install MUGA surfaces types 1-5 which can be used for a host of different sports including tennis, basketball, football, hockey and more.

Whilst Premier Sports Surfaces courts are built to professional standards using top-quality materials, regular maintenance is required to ensure the long life and consistency of play at your schools tennis court or MUGA. At Premier Sports Surfaces we offer a range of court and MUGA maintenance services and can provide one-off repairs or regular maintenance contracts. From manual brushing, pressure washing with water and colour spray coating to the re-application of game markings and court lines you can find out more about our tennis court maintenance services online or by contacting us today.

Regular maintenance will ensure the maximum lifespan of your court. However, over time, any tennis court or MUGA surface will experience natural deterioration and will eventually need to be replaced. Premier Sports Surfaces provide resurfacing services for all major court surfaces types. In the majority of instances we can replace the court surface without the need to remove the original surface. This resurfacing will restore the look and playing attributes of your schools tennis court without the addition of unnecessary time and expense.


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