Installing a multi use games area is the most cost effective solution for clients who will be participating in multiple sports. There are nine options to choose from and are typically a popular demand for schools, sports clubs and councils.

Type 1 - Open Textured Porous Macadam Surface                     

Type 2 - High Grip Open Textured Macadam Surface                                                   

Type 3 - High Grip Finish Polymeric Surface              

Type 4 - Polymeric Surfaced MUGA 

Type 5 - Sand Filled Synthetic Turf With Shock Pad           

Type 6 - Sand Filled Synthetic Turf Without Shock pad

Type 7 - Sand Dressed Synthetic Turf With Shock Pad

Type 8 - Third Generation Long Pile Synthetic Turf

Type 9 - Needle Punch Surface With Shock Pad

Please call us to arrange a free site survey in order to access your needs and recommend a MUGA suitable for your requirements. 

Type 1 & 2 MUGA

Hard Court MUGA surfaces from Premier Sports Surfaces are suitable for a wide range of sports. Netball or tennis are the priority sports for both Type 1 and Type 2 MUGA surfaces however they are also commonly used for Tennis, basketball and other ball rebound sports.

These Multi Use Games Areas are constructed using the same methods but have either an open textured porous macadam surface or a high grip open textured macadam surface. The surface can be finished with a slip resistant acrylic paint coating. Sport line markings can be added to both Type 1 and Type 2 MUGA surfaces. Contact us to find out more about MUGA court construction from Premier Sports Surfaces. 

It is worth noting that both type 1 and 2 MUGA surfaces can also be constructed using more dense macadam which is impervious to liquid. However, this type of surface is less popular as the majority of users (particularly for installations in schools and sports clubs) require ‘year around’ usability.

Type 3 & 4 MUGA

Type 4 MUGAs utilise the same construction techniques as Type 3. The key difference between these polymeric surfaces is that, instead of netball, tennis and basketball are the priority sports for Type 4 courts. This difference is down to the slight variation in construction which accommodates these additional sports and TRRL 55 being achieved.

The same polymeric specification as Type 3 MUGA is implemented. The surface is built from EPDM rubber granules which are mixed with a binder and laid on a macadam sub base. Once laid and screeded, the surface is then left to cure. After the surface has been laid it can be coated in an acrylic or polyurethane non-slip covering. This painted coating and then be marked with additional game markings depending on the intended purpose of the court.

AtPremier Sports Surfaces we install Type 3 & 4 MUGA courts and surfaces for schools, sports clubs and private users. These Multi Use Games Areas are perfect for year-around use thanks to the pervious nature of the surface meaning that it is self-draining. This surface type can therefore be used in all weather conditions maximising usability, useful for schools and community projects and essential where the use of a court is for commercial purposes.

Type 5, 6 & 7 MUGA

Type 5, 6 and 7 MUGAs are synthetic turf surfaces suitable for an extensive range of sports and other applications. Type 5 MUGA is otherwise known as astro-turf* or artificial grass and synthesises real grass. Type 5 MUGAs are typically surfaced with a shockpad and are constructed from either sand-filled or sand-dressed synthetic turf or a needle-punch carpet (these are typically known as types 5A, 5B & 5C).

MUGA Type 5A is a synthetic grass surface which offers a highly stable and versatile playing surface for games such as hockey and football. This 2G sand-filled surface is a favourite of schools and clubs offering a resilient and flexible playing surface.

Sand-dressed artificial turf (known as type 5B) is most commonly used in the construction of synthetic hockey pitches. This type of surface most accurately replicates the ball rolling qualities you would associate with traditional grass pitches. Type 5C MUGA uses a needlepunch synthetic grass surface which is suitable for the majority of grass-based sports (however, the most common uses are for football, hockey and athletics training).

Premier Sports Surfaces are experienced installers of Type 5, artificial turf. Contact us today and get a quote for installation of a synthetic grass MUGA.

*It is worth noting that, although artificial grass is often referred to as ‘astroturf’, this is in-fact a brand name, much like Hoover or Sellotape.

Type 8 MUGA

Third generation long pile synthetic turf - principal sports football and rugby

Type 9 MUGA

Needle punch surface with shock pad



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